Sarmad Abdul Ghafoor

Sarmad Ghafoor (born November 5, 1975 in London, United Kingdom) is a Pakistani record producer, guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter. He has released two albums, one with Rungg (his former band), and one with Qayaas (his current band). He has also produced albums for a wide variety of artists, including Atif Aslam, Bilal Khan, Nusrat Hussain, Abbas Ali Khan, and Overload. Sarmad is best known for his work producing two platinum albums for Atif Aslam, including Jal Pari.

Sarmad started his production career working in his own studio, SnM Studios in the basement of his parent’s Peshawar, Pakistan home, recording his own band Rungg, and his brother Sajid Ghafoor’s band Still. Later Sarmad moved his studio to Islamabad, where it is located. He has worked with a number of local bands, including Irtaash, Jehangir Aziz Hayat and Saturn. Sarmad is also the producer for Atif Aslam and mixed Qayaas’s Uss Paar. He has also produced jingles for many telecom companies including Warid Pakistan, Telenor, and Mobilink. Sarmad’s production is recognisable and notable for its clarity, loud vocals and present snare and kick drum.

As well as being a producer, Sarmad is also a songwriter, musician and recording artist. Sarmad sings; plays the guitar, Bass, and drums. He’s played Drums, Bass, and Guitars on numerous singles, and albums.

Sarmad has written music scores for documentaries, and short films including Frame, by Hammad Khan. He also compose the song Kaho with Atif Aslam for Shoaib Mansoor’s film Bol. He was also featured in the video of that song with Atif Aslam & Hadiqa Kiani.

Sarmad started working for internews, a non profit organization that fosters independent media in 2003. He set up many radio stations in Pakistan, and trained numerous journalists in how to record and edit. He worked as the technical coordinator for over two years there under Lisa Upton.